About Healed & Whole


The Practice

If you are struggling with daily life because of recent events or having negative thought patterns that are impacting your relationships with your partner, family or friends, I am here to help. I will utilize different coping skills as well as provide psycho-education and homework so you can continue to implement the skills that we practice in therapy after our relationship ends to assist you with maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle. 

Healed and whole is the goal!


Therapy Services

I am dedicated to meeting the client where they are and focus on the therapeutic relationship opposed to the mental health diagnosis of the client. I specialize in post traumatic stress disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, thought distortions, life transitions, relational issues, and stress management. 


Treatment Focus

Helping people heal from past traumas and live a more productive life is the most rewarding gift. I enjoy seeing people recognize the progress they have made while in therapy and how it has positively impacted their life. We all deserve to live our best lives!